Digital marketing: The retail space

Bricks and mortar retail stores have been under enormous pressure in the last few years; shopping online has increased competition exponentially. The importance of being present online has created a digital shift in retail industry. As a result the power no longer lies with the seller but with the buyer. Companies are under pressure to focus on what customers want out of their shopping experience, people are tech savvy and want brands to provide extra services that embrace this.

So where are we at in 2017? Businesses will focus more on mobile marketing than ever before as usage increases. 41% of consumers check their phone multiple times per hour. There is a huge opportunity to take advantage of the active minutes. Three key drivers this year will include…

Micro moment marketing, this is all about taking advantage of consumers who check their phone multiple times a day. Using this behaviour to encourage shopping will allow retail stores use push notifications to make suggestions.

Location-based marketing uses beacon technology to send push notifications when a customer is near their store. This creates an interactive element to the buying process and becomes part of the customers information building stage.

Personalisation. While there are many ways to approach this, the key is to make the customer feel as though they are receiving individualised service.

The retail space is evolving with not only a digital shift but specifically a mobile one. Is it essential to jump on board in order to stay competitive in the industry? Will consumers adopt the technology?


12 thoughts on “Digital marketing: The retail space

    1. For me, personalisation. I think being on social media is about communicating with a lot of people. If i receive a product that I’ve ordered online, its always really nice when they’ve left a note with my name on it!

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  1. In this age of smartphones, it is essential for companies to leverage on mobile platforms to capture customer value on a global scale. As increasingly more companies develop an online presence, I feel that it is important for marketers to keep up with competitors and establish an online mobile presence, so that consumers will be able to gain access to their company whenever and wherever. Insightful topic about mobile marketing 🙂

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    1. Completely agree, mobile is an untapped data mine for marketers and moving forward I’m sure there will be many more innovations that aim to use this resource.


  2. Really informative stuff that you have shared with us. It is helpful for the reader’s point of view. Digital marketing helpful in every field either it is in beacon technology or IoT, helpful in all ways.

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